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Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends – Hypnosis

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends – Hypnosis (With Ross Jeffries).avi



Louis travels to Vegas to meet some of the leader’s in the field of hypnotic self-improvement. He signs up for a course with Marshall Sylver a hypnotist who seems to have a great deal in common with the likes of Jimmy Swaggart – he claims he can make you into a millionaire but when Louis asks to meet his successful clients things take a different turn. Louis also hooks up with Ross Jeffries who’s almost a clone of T. J. Mackey from Magnolia only creepier. He uses hypnosis to make members of the opposite sex feel more attracted to him but for some unknown reason Louis also starts to find him strangely attractive… Another eye-opening inside look at an industry that seems determinedly unattractive after Louis has finished with it but also features some of the Louis’ most cringe-worthy moments of the entire series…


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