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Kevin Bates – Any Woman Anywhere Breakthrough Dating CD Program

AWAW CD Program
[8 CDs – MP3]



This is the AWAW CD Program by Kevin Bates, also known as Ken Kennedy. I think it’s really good stuff for someone who’s just starting out in the community. The Pickup101 guys highly recommend his article “The 2-Minute Approach” if you’re brand new to cold approaches.For more info on Kevin Bates, listen to the “Ken” interview with David DeAngelo (), and check out his original AWAW eBook: more details on the program: resist the urge and keep this exclusive to for the time being. We want to build the site and content like this will help a lot.Thanks goes to donators of the PU101 – Fearless First Impressions group buy. With the surplus left over we had just enough to purchase this program.


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