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Kenton Knepper – X

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X contains over a dozen extremely strong, yet very easy-to-do effects from Kenton Knepper, including pieces straight from his professional act. Kenton’s unique use of linguistics, multiple-reality ploys and “special somethings” make for the sensational impact these effects have on audiences.Here are just a few of the effects in X:    * Imagine giving a spectator a pair of “X-Ray Glasses” which apparently allow her to see inside a pocket or cardbox! The glasses can be examined and there is nothing to ditch, palm or sneak out.    * A spectator seemingly uses her own intuition to pick the one unmarked coin from others donated and initialed by audience members. The coins are then handed back to the owners – no coin switch required.    * A spectator choses which bottle of three is the safe bottle – two are “poisoned”. She easily choses the correct “clean and safe” bottle, as the other two poisoned ones have large X marks on them (no nailwriter). X also includes Docc Hilford’s amazing Traveler effect: A spectator travels through time, and upon her return chooses three postcards in order. Each postcard predicts the exact order in which the spectator would select them!…


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