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Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics (Month 5-7)

Volume 2 – Lines Of Development
[WebRip – MP4 + MP3, WAV documents – PDF]



Please keep this material exclusive to! Sharing it elsewhere will get you banned!Brought to you by the participants of the Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics GB ()GB is OPENKen Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics (Month 5-7): Volume 2: Lines of Development [WebRip – MP4 + MP3, WAV documents – PDF]This upload consists months 5-7 of the full 18 month training (including one month catch up period when no other material than philisophers circle and integral network were released). Included are also the Philosophers circle and Integral Network calls released so far.This upload contains Volume 2: Lines of development (weeks 18-27).Sales page:


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