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Jay Sankey Live

Jay Sankey Live.avi
[1 DVD – RIP]


Jay Sankey LIVE! features live clips from his most recent Sankadelic Magic 2000 lecture tour and includes brand-new unpublished that’s never appeared before on video or in print.Jay Sankey LIVE! Contains:    * CORONER’S TRANSPOSITION: A killer two card SIGNED transposition!    * COPPER/SILVER/SANKEY: The copper/silver routine Jay’s been performing for over 15 years!    * SEEING RED: Stickers appear, disappear and expand in size on an ordinary cigarette lighter!    * QUICK TRANSLATION: A prediction written in Japanese on a card VISIBLY CHANGES into English!    * X-QUISITE: This may well be the most ingenious two coin transposition in the world!    * HAUNTED CARD CASE: First a selection, then “spirit writing” appears inside an empty case!    * WHAT’S IN A NAME?: A spectator’s OWN NAME mysteriously appears on the back of a card!    * PARALLEL WORLDS: A startling demonstration with a mini deck and an ordinary size pack!    * X’S & O’S: Jay’s “for pros only” version of Color Monte with a signed card.    * SPELLING BEE: An effect with “spelling 6 force” that’s totally convincing!    * HEAD SPIN: A 3-phase card routine that builds to an astonishing “in the spectator’s hands” climax!


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