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Jay Sankey – Firestarters Secrets to Getting Dates with Close-Up Magic & Mentalism (avi)

Jay Sankey – Firestarters.avi

Description Sankey’s Words This is the perfect DVD for anyone who wants to learn ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to know about getting dates with magic and mentalism. But the killer magic material on the DVD is definitely NOT limited to just “getting dates.” The ALMOST THREE HOURS of magic includes one of the most visual linking effects I have ever created (“Hotlink,”) an astonishingly clean handling for bending a borrowed coin (“Electric Currency,”) a kick-ass, totally impromptu, walkaround mentalist effect involving the spectator’s own birthday (“Birthday Suit,”) and a crazy-magical transposition effect with the magician’s and the spectator’s phone numbers (“Heated Exhange.”) But as powerful and commercial as all those effects are, I saved the best for last. I end the DVD with a total mind-blower called “V.I.P.” It is so incredible, I came THIS CLOSE to releasing it on its own as a separate manuscript. There is already a lot of on-line talk about this one routine, and the buzz is only going to G-R-O-W. “V.I.P” is a lethal combination of drama and a mentalist impossibility, and this one effect has landed me MANY dates with some seriously attractive women. The “psychic happening” is so ridiculously mysterious that -after I leave the group of spectators- the woman I performed it for often tracks me down to talk about the effect. And like a lot of my favorite effects, “V.I.P” is sinfully easy to do! Learn it. You will be SO happy you did!


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