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iMusic Volume 3

iMusic Volume 3 FLAC



Visit:www.getimusic.comIMPORTANT:It is necessary to keep the order of the tracks as it is. To fully enjoy a pleasant wakeup.Volume 3.1Set this CD to play 15 minutes before wakeup to experience an accelerated awakening like no other; propelling you to execute and achieve more than ever before. You will feel sharp & at-the-ready as iMusic trains your brain for enhanced cognition. Which means your IQ will rise as the sun does.Volume 3.2Experience a natural, enjoyable & euphoric wakeup on demand. Set this CD to play 25 minutes before wakeup to bask in pleasant dreams & positive thoughts as the iMusic gently pulls you out of a deep REM state into a light delta mind state. Feel the energy and excitement of the day fill your body as your brain is vitalized at a comfortable pace.Volume 3.3Use this CD as your morning after wakeup call to get your mind recuperating, regenerating & normalizing itself quicker & more effectively than ever before. The iMusic will accelerate your healing factor & quicken the spread of tissue biulding nutrients throughout your body, so you won’t have to bear the full brunt of consequences after a late night of fun.Note!: Playlists and Covers included.


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