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Godess Kasha Shakti – More and Fewer Subliminal

Godess Kasha Shakti – More and Fewer Subliminal [ 1 CD – 1 MP3 ].mp3
[ 1 CD – 1 MP3 ]



More and Fewer“More and Fewer” is a tease deepening session, targeted for when you have already begun an extended tease that has put you in a state of heightened arousal.  The essence of this concept is that the more arousal you experience, and the fewer orgasms you experience, the deeper into submission and trance you will go!  Simple, elegant and powerful, this formula is key to using the effects of Fasting to increase your obedience, to send you on longer Fasts…You should listen to “More and Fewer” after any hypnotic session that ends without allowing you to release for the purpose of teasing you!  Note that even recordings that give you permission but require you to complete a task or condition first can be used easily by simply delaying compliance with the instructions that lead to orgasm.  This recording will then use and direct your frustrated arousal to lead you into… well, even more intense frustrated arousal!This is a Treasure Training recording, and therefore makes use of the Surrender trigger to establish easy and deep control, and is available in the usual range of options!  The “Subliminals” version is a subtle dance of aural ecstasy, using hypnotic effects and layers to carry you away, while the “Direct” version relies on the simple edge of my voice to penetrate your psyche!  Finally, there is the “Spoil/Spoil” set, which in addition to both versions of the main recording includes an 18 minute additional audio loop (with a Subliminals and Direct version) that is not otherwise available for sale and creates deeper teasing with a focus on the spoiling aspects!


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