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Gary Craig – EFT For Newcomers

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Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig: On this CD you will be asked to pick out an unwanted memory of your own (involving anger, trauma, fear, guilt, grief, etc.) and will then be guided through the EFT procedure.  You  only need to follow the easy directions to experience how EFT generates emotional freedom for you. This is ideal for newcomers who want a first hand sense of how EFT works.  Experienced practitioners will also find it useful as a handout to clients and skeptics.  In this video you will get a clear explanation of how to locate the unwanted memory and prepare it for EFT.  You are then guided through the process until that unwanted memory is no longer bothersome.  This often provides a refreshing (if not astonishing) level of emotional freedom.  In the unlikely event that “it doesn’t work”. You also get some useful tips that will help insure your success. As a bonus you will also see 7 examples of EFT in action from the EFT Course (including childhood sexual abuse, fear of mice, driving phobia, chocolate cravings, golf score improvement, fear of public speaking and a painful shoulder.) Please note that the aim of this CD is to expose you to EFT and let you experience it.  It is NOT to teach you EFT.  That is appropriately done by the more detailed video course (which can be found here: )Recommended if you are thinking of getting into EFT. (This is an ISO file! Burn it with Nero or mount it with Daemon Tool)czy


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