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FHM Magazine – US edition (May 2006)



MICHAEL DOUGLASThe Oscar winner on America’s gay future and landing Catherine Zeta-Jones.ETIQUETTEFour Sopranos stars dispense hard-earned wisdom about taking care of business.FIGHT THE X-MEN!Win a customized comic page showing Wolverine clobbering you senseless!ERIN CAHILLThe star of TV’s Free Ride loves shooting guns and wearing lingerie. Just like Dick Cheney.DRAG RACINGGet dangerous, fast and loud with Funny Car, Top Fuel and Pro Stock drivers.SVETLANA SHUSTERMANReal World housemate heats up Key West.KINGS OF THE COURTCelebrating their 80th anniversary, the Harlem Globetrotters relive past glories.ERICA DURANCESmallville’s Lois Lane unwinds in her hottest shoot ever.MEL KIPER JR.ESPN’s NFL draft guru discusses tight ends and his Eddie Munster hair.


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