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Essential Self Massage Full

Essential Self Massage

Description care of your healthOuch, that hurts! When you stub your toe you impulsively rub it – which increases the blood flow and relieves the pain. Your instincts have told you what to do to make yourself feel better. Helping yourself when you get small bruises with instant self-massage is easy, but what happens when you get a painful headache or migraine, or if you want to improve your health and energy levels? In such cases your instincts might fail you. You just don’t know what to do… How do self-massage and acupressure workThe solution to optimal health lies in the body’s ability to keep the channels of energy, or chi, clear and free-flowing. Tensions create tight muscles which cause stagnation and blockages throughout the body. It is this stagnation that contributes to many health conditions, from headaches to arthritis, to back pain and anxiety.


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