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Eckhart Tolle – Choose to awaken now

Eckhart Tolle – Choose To Awaken Now [3CDs – MP3]
[3 CDs – MP3]



Choose to Awaken Now (CD)An amazing transformational shift is arising, on a wide scale, on the planet ? a new level of human consciousness.  It is a movement beyond thought to a connection with the deepest level of our being.  Simultaneously, there is also an intensification and acceleration of opposing forces of human dysfunction.  With great clarity, on this audio set, Eckhart helps us to understand the root cause of this human madness and how we can live in a state of inner alignment and peace.Lessons contained in this series:    * Accommodating alternative cultural and personal belief systems    * The reality of death    * Worrying    * Timelessness    * objectifying ?spiritual enlightenment?    * Stages of awakening to Presence    * Living in the Now    * Finding happiness and life purpose3 x CDISBN: 1-894884-19-1Running Time 4 hours, 36 minutesRecorded: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2002Music by Kirtana. ?I Am? and ?Who you really Are? from the CD ?THIS EMBRACE.? ?Pulling in the Oars? from the CD ? A DEEPER SURRENDER.?


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