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Dr. Lloyd Glauberman – Resilience: The Power To Bounce Back HPP

Dr Lloyd Glauberman – Resilience (HPP)
[4 CDs – MP3]



CD – Resilience: The Power To Bounce Back HPP Learn to take responsible risks. Learn how to control negative emotions such as anger and anxiety. Learn to manage your life successfully.How do you get your body, mind and spirit to bounce back? Now, you can program your unconscious mind to better cope with life’s ups and downs. Resilience helps you become more relaxed, energized and centered – ready to tackle all of life’s challenges. Dr. Glauberman utilizes Hypno-Peripheral Processing, or HPP, a dynamic technology that puts the tremendous and largely untapped power of your subconscious mind into your hands, and Hypno-Meditation, a second hypnotic technology that bolsters and supports your conscious decision-making capabilities and coping skills.This program helps you put resilience in a whole new light as a lifestyle, not simply as a response to dramatic events.4 CD Set.Link:


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