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Don Woodruff – Kangaroo Method

Don Woodruff – Kangaroo Method
[2 CDs – MP3 – 128 kbps]



The Kangaroo Method with Don Woodruff is a powerful seminar that teaches you how to quickly comprehend information and stay alert while reading, listening, and studying. This not-so-common, common sense method of stimulating curiosity and stretching intellect can help you…    * Read books, texts, manuals, and instructions with greater focus    * Achieve personal and professional growth faster by strengthening your knowledge base    * Enlarge your vocabulary and increase your confidence    * Speed up your mental response “think-on-your-feet” time    * Stay ahead of the competition with accelerated learning techniques    * Learn to quickly absorb information in the Information Age Don Woodruff’s common-sense reading and study method has increased comprehension for thousands of students and professionals. He is a national speaker with a great passion for his subject and a unique ability to explain complex learning processes in simple terms.


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