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Don Baker – Back From Distraction Weeks 1-6

Back From Distraction
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**** Exclusive ****Help us keep elib all the more special for its exclusivity.Out of respect for the original authors and publishers,please do not make this product available outside of our community.Thanks for keeping elib awesome!This exclusive material brought to you by the participants of theRobert Glover GBGB Thread: GB is ClosedWhat’s Going On?Have you ever sensed there’s something special about you – a difference that is unique, creative, and powerful – yet you’ve never identified what it is or known how to deliberately access it?This special quality of yours, this difference, appears and dazzles others (including you at times!) in short bursts. It’s elusive. It’s variable. It’s situational. And as a result, it’s difficult to leverage.Truth is, it’s nearly impossible to slow your brain down long enough to reflect. Somehow something, some thought, some feeling, distracts you from following the thread.What if it were possible to slow your brain down long enough to focus on this difference / quality of yours, to own it, leverage it, and begin to gain traction using and growing it?What if there was a way Back From Distraction? Is This You?You have brilliant ideas.You intuitively understand complex concepts.You easily make connections others don’t.You get laid off, fired from jobs?You suffer from aptitudinal underachievement (perhaps academically or by not reaching “potential” in other arenas).You’re irritable, impatient, inconsistent, and impulsive.You have diminished tolerance for boredom.You’re disorganized with time and space.Your relationships just don’t last.You feel misunderstood.You require last-minute cramming on things that don’t get done without the pressure of a deadline.You’re reactive rather than proactive.You feel demoralized and often anxious.You have trouble focusing on something boring.You find yourself avoiding, even self-isolating.You’re ashamed.Your traits subside when something is interesting.With BFD, you become a “technologist” – traditionally defined as a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.Consider this: your lack of understanding of your unique brain wiring has been a large chunk of what’s been in the way, of why you may not be moving forward at the pace you’d imagined. Or why you aren’t living the life you’d imagined.The key is becoming acutely aware of the facets of your “brand,” the way your brain is wired.Neurodiversity is a relatively new concept that accounts for how different people process information differently. Increasingly, neurodiversity is seen as important to the heath of the human race like biodiversity is to the health of an ecosystem.Distractibility often has its roots in biology. For example, neuro-imaging is now providing clear data on specific parts of the brain impacted by particular neurotransmitter deficiencies.


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