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Dick Sutphen – Temple of Light

Dick Sutphen – Temple of Light
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The Temple of Light is a mind-movie meditation like nothing you’ve ever experienced. For 65 minutes, you become the central character on a journey of self-discovery. Produced with incredible three-dimensional sound effects, you journey to Kathmandu, where you meet a Sherpa guide who leads you deep into the Himalayas. Along the way, you meet various travellers who ask soul-searching questions you’ll answer in your mind. The travel, the mountains, and the people become real to you. People in the teahouses talk to you, ask questions, and provide messages the Masters have asked them to relay. Eventually, you reach The Temple of Light, where you?ll meet the Masters, experience a chakra initiation, and be offered the opportunity to have all your questions answered. By dividing the meditation journey into ten tracks, you can experience it any way you desire. As an example, if you don’t want to meditate for the full 65 minutes, you can set your CD player to play only Tracks 1 through 5. Then count yourself awake at the end of that time. The next time you do the meditation, set you CD player to play Track 2 (the body relaxation), plus Tracks 6 through 10 to finish the journey. If you like a particular portion of the journey, you can experience it at will.


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