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David Lieberman – Get Anyone to do Anything

David Lieberman – Get Anyone to do Anything (Audio and Book)
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David Lieberman – Get Anyone To Do AnythingThis book offers psychological solutions to correcting problems, not people. For instance, if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, this book will certainly help you to take control of harmful situations, but it won’t address the larger issue, which is why you are in this relationship. If people are taking advantage of you, then this book will help you to see through them, but it won’t help you to choose your friends better. Additionally, if you act without thinking and need someone to forgive you, this book will also help you to be forgiven. But if you are constantly apologizing for things you’ve done, it won’t help you to think more about the ramifications of what you do and say and how that can hurt someone.If you find yourself on the receiving end of a jealous partner, you can easily quash the jealousy with a single psychological technique that takes all of about thirty seconds. But it won’t help you to re-evaluate the relationship or to examine the root of your partner’s jealousy.This is like no other self-help book because it makes life easy without much effort. You simply plug in the psychological technique and the problem is solved. But if you continue to find yourself in these difficult situations, I would encourage you to look more closely at your choices in life.In compiling these tactics, every attempt was made to instil a sense of morality, using the barometer of “the greater good” for all concerned. For example, lying to protect someone from embarrassment or hurt feelings is likely to be beneficial to everyone. And using deception is acceptable if it will keep you from being harmed or taken advantage of. These, however, are not always black-and-white issues, so appreciation goes to my friend Rabbi Henry Harris for helping me to clarify certain points of morality. If, however, these techniques seem to veer from this “higher ground,” please know that it is not a reflection of Rabbi Harris’s wisdom, but rather a departure to effectively illustrate a point.You will notice that you feel much better about yourself and life in general. This is because much of our inner turmoil and frustration comes from our inability to deal effectively with people and to handle difficult situations and conflicts. So as you begin to apply these techniques, you’ll find new doors opening up for you as you gain a greater sense of who you are and what you are capable of. And this renewed self-image can help you to shape your future into anything that you choose. Instead of being a victim of the tides, you will be able to direct your destiny and take full advantage of life’s greatest gift—-free will.This book was written to help give you a sense of empowerment and control over your life. But with that control comes an incredible, tremendous opportunity.It can—if you will let it—allow you to benefit others in ways you never could have before. When things in our own life are not going well, it can be hard to extend a helping hand to others. When you’re in control, you’re accomplishing more and feeling terrific about yourself and about your life. Empowering others will allow you to take your personal growth to an entirely new level.Enjoy your new life.


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