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David Barron – Belief Changing Language Pattern

David Barron – Belief Changing Language Patterns
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Couldnt find by searching here and I recommended that someone use it. It is a short introduction on the belief changing patterns that come from the Sleight of mouth work by Dilts.So that people know something about the program I’ll give a personal summary.Sleight of mouth patterns are simple targetted statements / questions designed to get people to question their beliefs. They can be used for change work or in sales in overcoming objections. This program is a brief introduction to them and gives a good set of the patterns and explains how they can be used. It is presented by David Barron.My suggestion for its use is listen and start by finding 5-6 patterns that you are comfortable with, then use those patterns to loosen up beliefs that you have that are limiting you. Then go back and learn the rest of the patterns.HINT: Use multiple patterns to eliminate undermine your negative beliefs. A single pattern is unlikely to give you the result you want, try at least 3.


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