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Dance Evolution READ DESCRIPTION !




  Ok so you’r at the bar.. or at the club.. and you see everything going well.. now bring her home well you have to make her curious about something.. Stamp collection ? Fishes? How cool is that of course u can use jugller’s line ‘wanna see my cat doing backflips ?’but still.. Mystery uses his WTF clips.. but that’s not congruent with me.. nor you.. is  it?This file is a little clip of a stand up comediant that goes through the dance history. All the well known tracks and specific danceroutines. It’s great if you want to bounce her from the venue where you’ve met her to your home (making her curious about it it’s your job.. it’s easy after watching the clip) or move her from one room to another (kitchen -> bedroom ) [that’s what i used it for]And on top of all it’s GREAT FUN ! Enjoy


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