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Connirae Andreas – Advanced Language Patterns

Connirae Andreas – Advanced Language Patterns
[6 Tapes – MP3]



Master NLP Language Right NOWsomebody selling this on wrote: And when you think of just what it is you want language mastery to do for you.This CD set will give you the NLP Language Mastery You Want.It’s true you can’t always do overt change work with people. But Whenever You Are Talking To Someone You Have The Ability To Be Impactfull And Influential With These Language Patterns.This CD set is an excellent introduction and a way to deepen your use of Advanced Language Patterns.With this dynamic series you will learn to tune your ears to hear when and how a person sorts problems and resources, and how to apply Language Patterns to reach your goal.You will learn specific Language Patterns for putting problems into the past bringing resources into the present, and developing pseudo-orientation in time. You will also learn to use tag questions to support your work, and the use of presuppositions to create change.You will learn several powerful Sleight-Of-Mouth Patterns, Change frame Size, counter-Example, Switch Referential Index, and a new one, Reversing Presuppositions.The benefits of studying and practicing these Language Patterns goes far beyond just using them with other people-you begin to pay attention to and refine your own thinking and speaking, which automatically reflects in other parts of your life. The tape set concludes with Connirae elegantly demonstrating change work using only Language Patterns. wrote:One of our top sellers since its introduction, Advanced Language Patterns easily and thoroughly presents and teaches some of the most powerful patterns developed in NLP: Sleight of Mouth.These small language distinctions can make a huge difference in your impact. With Advanced Language Patterns and Sleight of Mouth you can:Help develop a new perspectivesLearn to change beliefs with just your language (even without someone knowing what you’re doing!)Easily assist people in opening up to new ideas and possibilities they’d never considered, and thenGently and subtly support them in focusing in on a desirable new choice.Collect high-quality information simply by the questions you ask.This program covers a variety of “Sleight of Mouth” patterns. Connirae, one of NLP’s most accomplished authors and trainers, demonstrates and leads you through exercises showing you exactly how you, too, can get the change you want using only your language!Enjoy!


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