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Allan Pease – Why Men Dont Listen & Women Cant Read Maps

Why Men Dont Listen & Women Cant Read Maps


Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps: How We’re Different and What to Do About It wonder why women can brush their teeth while walking and talking on various subjects while men generally find this very difficult to do? Why 99 percent of all patents are registered by men? Why stressed women talk? Why so many husbands hate shopping? According to Barbara and Allan Pease, science now confirms that “the way our brains are wired and the hormones pulsing through our bodies are the two factors that largely dictate, long before we are born, how we will think and behave. Our instincts are simply our genes determining how our bodies will behave in given sets of circumstances.” That’s right: socialization, politics, or upbringing aside, men and women have profound brain differences and are intrinsically inclined to act in distinct–and consequently frustrating–ways.


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