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Make a commitment to yourself! Yourself! Fitness brings the expertise of a certified personal trainer and nutritionist to your home. Maya your virtual personal trainer helps you to choose health and fitness goals and then works with you to achieve them. Dynamic routines ensure no two workouts are ever the same! Choose the music and environment that fits your mood. Maya will coach you through training sessions with over 500 unique exercises featuring Yoga Pilates Cardio Fitness Strength Training Flexibility and Weight Loss Routines! You can also integrate your own fitness equipment such as step benches stability balls and heart monitors into your customized routine! Features a customized meal plan with over 4500 recipes to help you eat right too!Full review:…–This is a pretty neat program to do if you have problems doing regular workouts and staying commited. A no brainer too. You just follow Maya. A lot of exercises are plain aerobics, but difficulty is adjustable so it’s OK. You get to measure your progess in terms of weight, pulse and smth else to keep you interested.


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