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What Not To Wear – Mens Mid Life Crisis

What Not To Wear
[TVRip – XviD]


To complement the other eps here, this is the only other male episode…OK, before anyone has a pop this is a great ep of this makeover show,taking two average men that are around 40 and giving them a whole new look and self image.FASHION: What Not to WearOn: UKTV style    Date: Thursday 29th June 2006 (New cap of repeat)Time: 15:00 to 16:00 TommyTommy hides behind his flamboyant and loud clothes, but he knows he’s dressing too young for his age. He’s hoping Trinny and Susannah will help him to move forwards mentally and fashion-wise. Tommy is desperately lonely, uncertain about his future and he’s lost his confidence.His mum committed suicide ten years ago, his wife of 18 years left him after she found out he’d been cheating on her, and his business as a club promoter failed.Tommy is trying to restart his business, but is in a dilemma over what to do in the long term. He’s piled on the weight since his marriage breakdown and has lost his confidence with women.His ripped jeans, white loafers and brightly patterned jackets attract attention, but Tommy knows it isn’t for the right reasons and is keen to do something about it.SteveSteve loves his tracksuit bottoms and baggy T-shirt. Leather trousers and bright shirts are his staples on a night out. And at home he simply wears his dressing gown! Can Trinny and Susannah work their magic? Steve has had cancer twice, been divorced and lost the family business. All of this happened in his 30s, so it’s no wonder Steve is feeling old before time.He has gained weight and lost his hair, which has affected his self-esteem. Carol, his second wife, says that when they met five years ago, Steve was “a big strong man … her knight in shining armour.” But since his depression Steve no longer thinks he’s sexy and doesn’t feel that Carol find him and his body. He constantly tells her: “You’re a beautiful woman – what do you want to do with a fat roly-poly like me?”His new job has given him a bit of a morale boost. He hopes Trinny and Susannah can build on this and help him through his midlife crisis.— File Information —File Name:            What Not To Wear – Middle Age Makeover.aviFile Size:            349,286,400 bytes— Video Information —Video Codec Name:     XviDDuration:             00:46:07Video Bitrate:        875kb/sBits / Pixel:         0.326Resolution:           480x224frames Per Second:    25.000— Advanced —B-VOP:                B-VOPQPel:                 GMC:                   — Audio Information —No of Audio Streams:  1Audio Codec:          0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3Audio Bitrate:        128kb/s CBR 48000 HzAudio Channel Count:  2Interleave:           40msPreload:              504msAudio alignment:      Aligned


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