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Wendy Doniger -The Essential Kamasutra

wendy doniger – the essential kamasutra



The cultivation of pleasure was brought to its height with the Kamasutra — the Hindu text of erotic love. This sophisticated and provocative teaching from ancient India has continued to intrigue us for generations, offering explicit instructions in the art of living and lovemaking. Now, Wendy Doniger, one of the world’s foremost scholars of Sanskrit and Hindu mythology, offers a fresh and insightful new translation of this treasury of sensual secrets with The Essential Kamasutra.Through alluring stories and surprisingly practical advice, you will learn:• The language of attraction: recognizing the unspoken signals from someone who wants you• Rituals to prepare yourself and your bedroom for the delights of erotic love• A “sexual vocabulary” of kisses, embraces, and caresses• The four kinds of love and how to nourish each of them• How the tension of a “sexual battle” enhances pleasure, and moreTranslations of the Kamasutra have been available for more than a century, with over 150 versions currently in print. Here, for the first time through the spoken word, the long-hidden gems of the Kamasutra are revealed to bring the delicious fulfillment of love, deep connection, and enlightened pleasure to your life.


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