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Wayne Dyer – How to be a No Limit Person

Wayne Dyer – How to be a NLP


In this breakthrough program, Dr. Wayne Dyer shows you how you can become one of these life-loving, No-Limit people and how, as a No-Limit Person, you can:·Greet each day with high expectations and a clear sense of direction ·Eliminate depression instantly by doing one simple thing (it works every time!)·Gain super physical and emotional health·Reap the benefits of adopting a new attitude toward change·Exercise a remarkable degree of control over everything in your life·Enjoy each day to the fullest, unaffected by unnecessary concerns about the past or future·Detach yourself from external criticism·Tune in to internal signals to deal effectively with everyday frustrations and challenges·Feel joy every day of your lifeThe message Dr. Dyer shares in How to Be a No-Limit Person is as innovative and exciting today as when it was first published. It is also one of those rare programs that has universal relevance and appeal. No matter what age you are, what you do, or where your interests lie, Dr. Dyer will have you nodding your head in recognition and laughing out loud even as you feel your outlook changing, your options multiplying, and your capacity for living positively and purposefully expanding by leaps and bounds. Once you experience this classic motivational audio seminar, you’ll understand why it has endured as one of our bestselling titles. And you’ll never look at life quite the same way again.


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