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Jim Pace (Restaurant Workers’ Handbook) is one of magic’s most visual close-up artists. Working four restaurants a week for over 20 years has given Jim the opportunity to hone his flashy, attention-getting magic that makes audiences scream. This is magic that’s low on set-up and high on pay-off. Visu-antics is jam-packed with some of the best gags, stunts and magic routines you’re ever going to see. Best of all, this stuff is easy and you’ll more than likely wind up actually using most of it! Contains:    * Crushed – A bottle instantly appears at your fingertips only to vanish just as quickly. A revolutionary new technique without topits, body loads or holdouts!    * Freaky Fork – A borrowed utensil mysteriously bends under impossible conditions…twice!    * Hat Trick -Your arm completely vanishes as you reach into a borrowed hat! You have to see this one to believe it!    * Impromptu Princess – Perform the world famous “Princess Card Trick” anytime, anywhere and with any deck!    * Impossible Color Change – A visually impossible color change    * Magic List – Predict a spectator’s free choice of a word!    * Mental Card Stab – A thought-of card is stabbed in mid-air!    * Penzoil and Water – A single phase accomplished completely in the hands!    * Parallel Sleeve Vanish – Perhaps the cleanest, most invisible coin vanish in the world…can you guess where it goes?    * Peripheral Bounce – The old gag of bouncing anything – a brick, a potato, even a check!    * Quick-O-Chink – A one-phase matrix that takes two seconds to perform!    * Pocket Pen Vanish – Vanish any pen with short sleeves… and show your hands completely empty!    * Shrinking Pen – Visibly shrink an ordinary pen down to 1/3rd its original size!    * Stealing Away – Jim’s technique of stealing and reproducing 2 glasses from a dinner table.    * The Bet – Three selections are lost into deck and suddenly, the whole deck and the magician plucks the selections from mid-air!    * BS Prediction – Predict the serial number of any borrowed bill!    * TV Coin Vanish – Looks so good (from the front), that you could perform it on…    * Walter Gibson – Jim’s tribute to one of card magic’s top creators.    * World’s Fastest Card Trick – A thought-of card is plucked from mid-air!    * Honk – Who needs a squeeker? This is a sound effect you make that can be used anytime and anywhere! Enjoy!


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