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Twisted Conditioning – How to combine barbell, strongman and bodyweight exercises



Twisted Conditioning is about improving what Jeffries’ calls 3 levels of conditioning:          1. Maximum Strength – like a max barbell single.    2. High Intensity Medium Strength – like a death set of 20 rep squats or Strongman event.     3. Endurance Strength – like fighting for 15-30 minutes.Bud lays out the roadmap to all three levels with exercises, routines and all his experience. He’s pretty flexible and gives you options to fit round your lifestyle. Bud discusses his theories on adopting weekly mini-cycles to balance different types of hard training and recovery. This is a common dilemma – how to juggle strength, endurance and skill work – without sacrificing one for another. If you want to train every day, fine. 3 days a week or just twice is fine too. There are 9 routines, each with subsections. Plenty.The important thing is the routines are do-able. Even for us humanoids that aren’t from planet


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