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Turkish & DJ Dave (for Style) – SARGIN’




THIS SONG IS VERY USEFUL TO LISTEN BEFORE GOING SARGIN WITH PPL. This song has been made to honor style for having written the Game. This song is only available to ppl who are on his friends list in his private space online. aight.. ENJOY!!HERE ARE COMMENTS FROM THE SINGERS ABOUT THE SONG—————————–The art of sarging involves learning what women respond to and then exploiting every possible advange, going from cold strangers to making out minutes later or beyond. Women say they want the nice, clean guy next door who wants commitment and a family — no, that’s what they want to settle down with, what they want before that is crazy fun with a dash of danger and no predictability.What makes sarging of such interest is the blend of psychology and acting skills required to pull it off. That spontaneous meeting with that dark dangerous stranger who was charming, witty, fun, mysterous, and understood you at a deep emotional level, touched your soul, and disappeared never to be heard from again actually was a persona that took hours of rehersal and days of study.There are actual field courses, books, and whole underground networks devoted to the topic. What’s so surprising is the success rate. When behavior is understood and modeled, it can be easily manipulated.


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