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Tracey Cox – Superflirt

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This is an interesting documentary on body language and flirting. Enjoy.From the tracey cox website:Want to know how to spot who’s flirting and who’s just being friendly? Find out if someone fancies you before they know it themselves? Learn how to read people like a book, up your sex appeal in an instant and boost your confidence sky-high?From the description:Everyone loves to flirt. The secret of successful flirting lies not in looks or money – but in understanding how to use the hidden language of seduction. In this hour long special for Five Tracey Cox (of BBC2’s Would Like to Meet and the bestselling author of Hot Sex: How To Do It) explains the secrets of successful flirting .Forget chat-up lines: 55 percent of the message we communicate when we meet someone new is through body language. In ten clear steps to take you to the bedroom with the partner of your dreams, she decodes the secret language of sex and explains how to use your body language to pull.h**p:// FiveCategory: DocumentaryDuration: 1 x 60Transmission Date: Feburary 2004


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