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The Real Hustle Season one

Real Hustle [Place]
[TVRip.XviD 8 eps]



I upped this shortly before the end of, here is the full series in one pack,some superb examples of ticks to impress, great shows of flirting and even some NLP skills used in the hustles too. If you have ever wanted to see some of Mystery’s techniques used in a real life (non pick up) situation this is for you. you could never be tricked into falling for a con or a scam? Think again…We are all at risk, especially when we least expect it. Our only hope might just be to learn from the professionals how it’s done, so we don’t end up falling for it.That’s where the Hustlers come in. There’s confidence trickster Alex Conran, scam artist Paul Wilson and sexy swindler Jessica-Jane Clement. Together, they carry out some of the most notorious scams on unsuspecting members of the public.If you’ve not heard of the “monte”, the jewellery shop scam, the “keylogger” swindle and the “mustard dip”, you’ll be amazed at the downright cunning of the conners.These guys, and girl, are good. But will they be able to fool a man into paying £500 for a worthless lottery ticket, steal a £600 necklace from under a shop-keeper’s nose, and sneak all the security details needed to empty an internet bank account?The Real Hustle features interviews with experts in fraud protection and with police experts, as well as testimonies from people who have fallen victim to recent scams.It reveals how damaging such fraud can be to businesses and individuals alike, showing that there is no such thing as a victimless crime.


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