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The Complete Guide To Sexual Positions

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Complete Guide To Sexual Positions DVD — The Complete Guide to Sexual Positions features one-hundred-and-one fabulous lovemaking positions that partners can use to enhance their sexual repertoire. Experimenting with sexual positions can add excitement to your intimacy and it can help satisfy other physical needs, such as more stimulation of clitoris, deeper penetration and prolonged intercourse. Discover how to locate the amazing G-spot and learn to experience a whole body Grafenberg Orgasm. Also, learn how to use oral stimulation to escalate your partner’s pleasure. Fully-indexed with fact-filled narration, this program can teach lovers how to enjoy their sexual pleasure in new and exciting ways.101 Love Positions in Multiple CategoriesOral Lovemaking for Mutual PleasureSpecial G-spot Orgasm PositionsPositions Are Fully-Indexed for Easy Reference…


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