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Syracuse – Business English (Interactive Course)

Business English
[9 CDs – ISO Rips]


This is a 9CD course on learning professional english for business/career purposes. Since many of you guys are from foriegn countries, i thought some of you might find this course useful. All CDs are in ISO format and run on Windows OS. I have zipped each CD individually compressing them from 2.6GB to 1.59 GB. Enjoy!Step-by-step lessons teach you the essential communication skills needed to achieve your goals, in the fast-paced world of multinational business. Whether you are a client or a vendor, an employee or a supervisor, this entire 3-volume, 9 CD program can help you more effectively achieve your business goals.Video role-play lets us play a part in a series of realistic business situations by following the on-screen script, which highlights each character s lines in turn Record playback allows you to record yourself speaking English with others, in typical business situationsSpeech recognition gives you prompt feedback as you practice pronunciation speech recognition using IBM Via Voice technologyPop-up help puts instant help at your fingertipsPoint, click, learn gives you access to all activities from your on screen organizer Volume IPERSONAL MEETINGS Formal meetings Impromptu discussions Monetary transactionsVolume II CONTACTS & CORRESPONDENCE Telephone contacts Appointments and Activities E-mail and lettersVolume IIICAREER ADVANCEMENT Resumes and Interviews Teamwork and Problem Solving Assignment in U.S. or U.K.


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