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Swinggcat – Audio Course

Swinggcat Audio Course
[10 CDs – MP3]


Description’s ‘The Foundations For Generating Attraction’,Swinggcat = Grimble from ‘The Game’,  and along with in10se attributed as devising the original “Octoberman” sequenceHere’s what you’ll learn from it:   * The four crucial steps for establishing and maintaining with a woman the meta-frame that you’re the Prize she craves to win over (Even if she sees you as dog poo and proverbially steps on you like a door matt, these steps will transform you into a King in her eyes).   * Secrets for mutating anything she says or does into meaning you’re the Prize she’s trying to win over… and dozens of examples on using a very special type of humor that compels women to agree with your interpretation ninety percent of the time… yet you don’t have to be a professional comedian to master this humor.   * How to respond to the ordinary questions women ask – such as, “How are you doing?” “Having a good day?” – in a way that draws them into your reality and gets them wanting and reaching and chasing for more of you.   * Secrets for quadrupling a woman’s interest level toward you (I’m not kidding around here either; it’s that powerful).   * How to use Nested Loops to create inside women an emotional itch for you to hold onto their hands… and this works wonders even on the most stuck-up women.   * How to use Nested Loops to compel women to try to impress and qualify themselves to you… in a way that’s not manipulative or mean.   * Two Push-Pull techniques for kissing a woman without rejection – even if she doesn’t find you physically attractive.   * Three Push-Pull secrets for compelling a woman to want to lean in and kiss you eighty-one percent of the time.   * How to use Push-Pull to compel a woman to give you her phone number.   * How to use Push-Pull to compel women to emotionally itch to go on a date with you.   * How to respond using Push-Pull to a woman fishing for compliments in a way that emotionally spurs her to want and reach and chase for more of you.   * How to use Push-Pull to get intimate with a woman who specifically tells you that she is either not interested in you or finds you unattractive.   * Eight types of Push-Pull: Intentional Undermining, False Hope, Intentional Hypocriting, Weakness & Superiority, Guilty Conscience, Emotional Rollercoaster, Revealing & Concealing, and Good Cop/ Bad Cop.   * Written exercise for training your brain to come up with lightening fast Push-Pull lines on the fly (After doing these exercises you’ll have no need for memorizing lines to say to women because… your brain will think of, on the fly, powerful Push-Pull lines that suck a woman into your reality emotionally compelling her to want and reach and chase for more of you).   * The number one blunder most men make when trying to connect with a woman… yet sadly, many dating experts actually recommend doing this as a good way to get rapport (If you’ve had a hard time connecting with women there’s a good possibility you’re making this mistake).   * How specific limiting beliefs can prevent you from connecting with women… and a surefire solution.   * The step-by-step secret method for organically generating an endless stream of commonalities between you and a woman… and this works even if you seemingly have nothing in common with her   * A secret story telling technique that puts an existing connection between you and a woman on steroids.   * Step-by-step written exercises to train your brain to see dozens commonalities between you and a woman seconds after meeting her (Imagine spotting an attractive woman… and instantly knowing how to relate to her in a way that generates a powerful connection a few seconds later).   * And much, much more!


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