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Swept Away (1974) Original Italian Movie – Recommended by Mark J Ryan

Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto
[1 DVD Rip – AVI]



Before you download and watch this movie read the chapter called Essence of the movie Swept Away from the book Breaking the Seduction Code by Mark J Ryan. His in depth discussion of the movie is excellent.Mark J Ryan wrote:When I watched this movie years ago I could feel the transition in myself. I could feel and imagine myself being that man. The reward of having a woman treat me that way is my fantasy as a man. I’m sure that most men feel the same deep down but may be afraid to admit it.This movie is a perfect way, and a safe way for any man to experience the transition. I’m telling you, this movie will do something to you at a deep level. Every man that I have gotten to watch the movie had some kind of shift in a positive way. an IMdB review:Quote:Don’t try and analyze Lina Wertmüller’s 1975 “Swept Away” too deeply. You’ll go nuts. Treat it as a strange little story, a fable if you will. The story itself is straightforward. A gaggle of wealthy Italians have chartered a yacht for island hopping around the Mediterranean. One of them, Rafaela, is a boorish, arrogant bitch, always picking on the crew, one Sicilian in particular. Her politics are right wing, and that of the crew, Communist. She is also beautiful, and as you would expect, there is much conflict. One fine day, during an ill-advised trip to search for sea caves, she and the sailor find themselves lost and adrift after their dingy breaks down away from the yacht. Finding a small, but forested island they land, but have to fend for themselves as its completely deserted. Now, the tables turn, and the sailor, who knows how to survive, has the upper hand over Rafaela, who doesn’t. He’s physically and emotionally abusive, crushing all Rafaela’s self-respect and forces her to be his love-slave and all-round gofer. And guess what? She loves it. I’ve said enough about the plot, and certainly don’t want to delve into what all this is supposed to mean. What I will say is that the acting is superb, and the direction and photography top notch.English Subtitles included but you need to adjust the timing a bit.Make sure you have VobSub ‘DirectVobSub Configure’Go to ‘Timing’Enter -4000 (millisecs)Everything should be fine now.Enjoy the movie!


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