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Surefire Attraction Secrets -Pickup 101

Surefire Atraction Secrets -Pickup 101
[4 CDs – MP3]



This is my second seeding attempt ( this was possible due to construX and Vector who saved my ratio and made it available for me to seed)yet I’m still a begginer so bare with me if there is any technical problemThe 4 CD set has over 240 minutes of attraction building techniques.CD 1: How To Start A ConversationThis CD goes over the elusive basics of starting conversations with complete strangers and groups. Lance talks about making your first impression last. He talks about techniques to use via body language and how that pretty much makes up the majority of the impression. He also talks about conversational starters called “chick bait”. This helps you hook the conversation enabling you to be the center of attention, and helps you to attract.CD 2: StorytellingWe know how powerful storytelling can be. We all know about the attraction they can generate. In this CD I learnt about HOW specifically to embed attractive traits and dramatically increase the power of the story. I found it interesting listening to their examples of stories, some funny, some just kinda wrong like the didlo flying out the window. (Classic). Anyways, this step-by-step instruction guide is a no fail way to finding those stories in your own life, and making them a magnet.CD 3: BanterBanter = flirting = cocky and funny = great techniques. I especially liked this segment. This is what really starts to move you into the “sexual prospect” part of the females mind. Banter is flirty behavior amplified through specific techniques. I love it. It amplifies attraction faster than being a guitarist for Motley Crue. Lance lays the concept out well, and Sean the instructor helps you to see how banter is an attraction mechanism.CD 4: Secrets of Direct & Indirect ApproachEveryone is different. If you don’t approach women that way you’ll come of mega incongruent. In this you can find out about the two most effective methods of approaching women, how (and more importantly when) to use them, and which one is best for your specific personality. This CD helped me, atleast, determine which method of approaching was more suited to me.Overall, this program is where you’ll learn the most important pieces of the attraction puzzle in a step-by-step process in a condensed version. Surefire Attraction Secrets is packed with the most important attraction skills and methods that Lance teaches in his highly acclaimed Art of Attraction workshop.Surefire Attraction Secrets is more valuable than alot of other stuff out there. It cuts through the fluff and gets to the point. It’s defintely something new and a product that’s worth buying. The CD’s are formatted in a way that makes you feel as if you’re listening in on a bunch of awesome PUAs talking about their game


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