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Style- Compiled Best-of Mystery’s lounge posts

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TPCLICK EXCLUSIVE.Quote:TextsIn addition to all the transcripts of the audio CDs, you’ll receive my never-before seen Mystery’s Lounge Archives!I took the best posts of mine from the super-elite Mystery’s Lounge message board and compiled them into a series of “PUA Encyclopedias” dealing with five very specific issues… Welcome to style’s ”never-seen before” archives, which are a main selling point of his AM. Taken from the frontpage of the product:This is the best of style’s archive from Mystery’s lounge. I have included insightful posts, patterns and routines, advice to other lounge members, posts which show his skills (so you look forward to his ‘Annihilation Method’ , and posts directly relevant to ‘The Game’.This took me hours to compile (the original product is messy), so please enjoy it fully.Because it took me so long to put together, and because DaClassico requested that the Rsd product i found a version of this in  remain exclusive, this is an exclusive.Contents:  {Some page numbers may be off, the order of posts is right though]Page 1-  ‘Beliefs’, ‘Modelling HBs’, ‘Respect’, ‘Overcoming Social Anxiety’Page 2-  ‘Congruency and #closes’, ‘Pivot Rules’Page 3- ‘Dress sense’, ‘Preventing Regression in a sarge’, ‘My view on rote              memorizaton  and internalisation’Page 4-  ‘Reframes, Bandler, and the bad girl frame’, ‘when HBs think you’re making                                                 it  up’Page 5,6,7, and 8- ‘Love patterns’, ‘Love Patterns 2’Page 9- ‘Supplication’, ‘style’s idea of a poem’Page 10- ‘Sargitis disorder’Page 11- ‘Calibration and the *close’Page  12-  ‘Stepping out of yourself’, ‘Deceptive Appearances’Page 13- ‘style’s Sticking Point’Page 14- ‘Calibration’, ‘Push-Pull’Page 15- ‘Boredom’, ‘What a seductionist can’t control, and a short-story’Page 16-  ‘A poem to use, from an HB’, ‘Getting the HBs friends too’, ‘HB 11 Sarge, extended version of the on featured in ‘the game’. (ends page 19)Page 19- ‘Beauty Killers’, ‘Good Fuck, Bad Fuck’Page 20- ‘A parable I use’, ‘Malinka FR’Page 21- ‘Marilyn Manson’s rules on cheating’Page 22- ‘my new frame’, ‘Cell phone anchor’, ‘Going Caveman’Page 23- ‘natural woman pattern’, ‘Yes chains’, ‘Kino’ (carries through to 26)Page 27-  ‘style’s new EV’, ‘style’s original Phase-Shift routine’ (finishes page 29)Page 29- ‘Desire’, ‘Steve.P and Hypnotica desire elicitation tactic’Page 30- ‘Steve.P BJ tactic: ‘will blow your mind’’, ‘Left hand Vs Right hand’, ‘Attraction (through 32)’Page 32- ‘Body Language’, ‘Neg reframe’Page 33- ‘Comedy night FR’ (through 34)Page 35- ‘Attraction 2’Page 36- SOIs (through 37)  Page 38- ‘ My goals’ Page 39- ‘The Andy Dick FR’ (through 40)Page 41- ‘style on Negs and Push-pull’, ‘Passionate Mind Pattern’Page 42- ‘Who are you?’Page 43- ‘First Montreal F-Close (By Mystery and style)’ (Through 49, it’s long)Page 50-  ‘Opening’, ‘RIP Juggler (because I like Juggler)’Page 51- ‘Opening 2’, ‘New tactics from Croatia’( Through 58)Page 60- ‘The Laughgasm’ {through 61}Page 61- ‘Cockiness’Page 62- ‘Lessons from a Hustler’(through 64)Page 64- ‘Trying’Page 65- ‘A hillarious blunder fucks up an easy lay’Enjoy, October.


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