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Sianna Sherman – Agni & Soma- A Fire and Nectar Flow Workshop

Agni Soma
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Join Sianna Sherman for a practice that awakens fire (agni) and nectar (soma). Fire has an energizing effect and governs transformation. Nectar has a cooling effect and governs nourishment and self-care. According to Sianna both elements are required not only to enhance our practice but also to strike balance in our lives. Learn how to awaken these forces through mudra, mantra, asana, creative visualization, and pranayama. By connecting to fire and nectar within we can learn to establish an inner ground of true self-worth, and through this inner self-worth have healthier relationships. And remember: There can be no transformation in the outer world if each one of us does not own transformation from within.This workshop features: pranayama practices (kapalabhati, breath of fire, and sitali, cooling breath), mudras (prithvi mudra, vajra mudra, mushti mudra, anjali mudra, and padma mudra), heating and cooling vinyasa flows, pose breakdowns, and much more.About SiannaSianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL. Sianna touches the human heart through story and offers teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, pilgrimages, and online studies. Her training includes three decades of study with master yoga teachers and scholars in India and abroad, as well as a background in bodywork, anatomy, herbalism, feminine studies, and climate reality training. She is currently dedicated to social justice education and to unpacking her own white privilege. In addition, she is in a two-year mentorship for shadow work and emotional intelligence. Sianna is committed to being Love In Action here on earth to serve.…


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