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Sheek- MASSIVE pua routine+ inner game compilation

keynote compilation
[compilation- KNT]



This is a HUGE compilation of all the classic writings on SS, PU, and inner game by major gurus and innovative newcomers on the seduction message bords. With this you won’t have to visit mASF,, or any other site again. This is an effective PU bible innovated by Sheek on the forum. Visit the forum for updates, the knowledge base is constantly being added to. This probably violates upload rules, but i think it’s exceptionally useful. Mods please make an exception.  This is a keynote file, so you will need to download keynote freeware (well renowned virus free program, run a check on it if your still unsure).keynote can be downloaded at: to this knowledge database can be obtained at www.mysterymethod.comHTML VERSION: For mac and linux users, and people who don’t want to donwload keynote or don’t like reading from it, I have posted an HTML version. You can find it here: initial download is only a fraction the size of the current database, once you have dl’d you can find update instructions in the file. Update and you will get about 3 to 4 times as much information as is in the initial database.Thanks to sheek and all MM forum members for initiating this.


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