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Sexual Key – MaxSpeed Edition

Sexual Key
[2 PDF eBooks + 9 SWFs]



LINK – http://www.sexualkey.comIncluded:Sexual Key eBook – PDF – 146 pages Gut Impact eBook – PDF – 121 pages MaxSpeed Flash Based Tutorials – SWF – 9 files Sexual Key description taken from Amazon:Women, much more so than men, can be emotionally touched and sexually aroused by language. “Sexual Key: How to Attract and Arouse a Woman in Minutes, using Words Alone” explains the simple and easy step-by-step process of using language to bond with and arouse a woman in the course of a single conversation. It details differences between the ways men and women respond to language, interpret events, and experience emotions–then shows how these differences can be used to easily and immediately produce a hypnotically erotic impact on the women you choose to include in your life. Whether you want to make having amorous adventures even easier and more fun or you want to lead your present partner to levels of fulfillment no other man ever has ever shown her, Sexual Key will help you unlock a world of possibilities.Gut Impact description taken from Amazon:Gut Impact teaches you how to bypass others’ reasons, so that you can speak straight to their needs and desires. In reading Gut Impact, you will learn how to use an easy, efficient, covert, conversational form of hypnotic command. You will also learn to recognize and motivate specific personality types. As a result, your words will have more impact on those around you than ever before. In reading Gut Impact, you’ll learn to recognize others’ motivations, soothe their feelings, leverage their existing beliefs, smoothly impress new ideas, and inspire new desires–your words will smoothly and pleasurably impress on their thoughts, as smoothly as your thumb imprints the warm wax of a melting candle. You will learn to spot their needs. You will learn to open their hearts. You will learn to guide and drive their feelings. You will learn just how easy and powerful and pleasurable hypnotic communication truly is, because you have ordered Gut Impact…and they will love you for it.Maxspeed description taken from the Sexual Key website:MaxSpeed Audio CourseLearn The Sexual Key via Flash Audio!MaxSpeed Tactical Trainer (I assume this is the MaxSpeed_Technique.swf file)See exactly what to do – watch this extensive Flash-based visual tutorial, so you learn with maximum ease and comfort!Inward Spiral TutorialWatch this conceptually packed yet easy and simple Flash-based visual tutorial – finally see how a woman’s mind works!Sydney.


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