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Robert Anthony – Dynamic Power Of Deliberate Creation (2006)

The Dynamic Power of Deliberate Creation – Robert Anthony
[CD Rip – mp3]


This is Dr. Anthony’s newest program, If you liked ‘Beyond Positive Thinking’, this builds upon that book.Whay you will learn:Why Most Self-Improvement Programs Fail and How You Can Make Sure This One Works For YOU!Quantum Physics – The Key To Creating Your Future.How to Make The “Law of Attraction” Work FOR You Instead of AGAINST You.How The “Collective Consciousness” of Others Can Control Your Life.How To Use Your Inner Guidance System To Make The Right Decisions All The TimeThe Secret of the “Flip Switch”Introducing Your “Essential Silent Partner”Mind-Set vs. Heart-Set. How To Know What You Truly Desire With 100% Certainty.Creative Magnetic Energy and The Law of Critical Mass. Communicating With Your “ESP”.Understanding “Time” and Your “Point of Power”.Allowing vs. Resisting – The Key To Magnetic Attraction.How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Mental Blocks – Forever!Settling for “Limited Probabilities” or “Unlimited Possibilities”How To Know When It’s Time To Take ActionThe Road To No More ExcusesThe Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By DesignAnd much, much more…….There is simply nothing like The Dynamic Power of Deliberate Creation program anywhere. It can open doors to amazing success you never even knew existed. If you already have my other programs, this is an opportunity to listen to an updated and expanded version of this material on CD. It also includes new material that is synergetic with everything you have learned so far.  The Dynamic Power of Deliberate Creation is a course of ACTION for everyone who wants something more out of life. But it’s not for everyone. Only those who are willing to go where few have gone before should take this course. I can guarantee you this…The Dynamic Power of Deliberate Creation is a powerful and dynamic approach to attracting anything you desire into your life.It is a course you can learn in the privacy of your own home or office. A course that can catapult you into a powerful new future. A course that can empower and enhance your life. Imagine never having to worry about your future. Imagine having all the money you want to live the way you want. Imagine never having to beg, plead or bargain with anyone to have what you desire. Imagine finding the love of your life.mp3 – 80kbps


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