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Rob “Razor” McCullough – Muay Thai Instructional Videos

Razor Rob McCullough Muay Thai instructional videos 1-5
[5 VHS – Rips]


Language: English Quality : Video Isnt All That Great, But The Lessons Are Awesome. ============================================ Fundamentals of Kickboxing This DVD shows you basic foot positioning, breathing and balance, jabs and crosses, leg blocks, angles, pivots and weight transfer, leg kicks, hip power and kicking with lead leg. Basic Strikes Basic strikes Included here are hand strikes, jabs and uppercuts, range, power through hip rotation, elbow strikes, spinning elbow strikes, punch and elbow combo’s, elbow strikes over the top, hooking elbow, strikes to thai pads, choosing a target and much more! Knee Strikes Knee Strikes This dvd covers front knee strike Muay Thai style, knee targets, knee strikes to a thai pad, strikes to a half bag, strikes from the clinch to the mid section, side knee attacks to the mid section, finding your range and more hip power explanation. Kicking Techniques Kicking Techniques Back leg kicks with thai pads, head kicks with and without thai pads, using the shin bone, push kicks left and right, shin strike to neck and head, switch kick from back leg, kicks to the head and finding your kicking range. Combinations & Drills Combinations & drills Jab cross hook to right leg cross, inside leg to right hand hook, right hand left hook to body kick, left push kick to right knee, left hook to right head kick, 2 man banana bag kicking drill, half bag push kick and knee drill. Enjoy.


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