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Pzizz binaural plus NLP module..

Pzizz 1.6 – Energizer + Sleep Modules


Description it works…pzizz uses a complex mathematical formula, or ‘algorithm’, based on structured random selection. This means that although the processor follows a certain path ensuring a full experience each time, the data it selects and subsequently delivers along the route is selected in a random manner making each nap different to a period of time you determine.What does this mean?Simply put, every time you press “play”, pzizz will mix a new nap for you while you listen, so that you never hear exactly the same thing twice!THIS PROCESS IS NOT POSSIBLE ON TAPES OR CASSETTES.This has several benefits, the foremost of which is the consistent active stimulation of the subconscious through novel but recognizable input.The algorithm draws from the three levels of data files (words, music and sound effects) stored in each program, and mixes them together each time the start button is pressed, resulting in literally billions of combinations of sounds.This unique system enables pzizz to achieve several things that normal linear tapes and nap techniques cannot. We have the strength of association when the conscious/subconscious hears the ident (“identifying sound”) and introductory music, but instead of making a decision to switch off, we keep the subconscious active by virtue of the random nature of the program that follows.NLPNeuro Linguistic Programming is defined as the influence of language patterns on the brain. It shows us how language patterns program our minds and form our views.NLP is a system in which the brain is viewed as a computer that can be reprogrammed to think and feel in a way that helps people achieve specific goals.This means that with the structured language patterns within pzizz we can achieve a change in the state of the body and mind with a lasting post-experience effect.


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