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Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story

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by Jerry Weissman “Few human activities are done as often as presentations, and as poorly…” In Presenting to Win: Persuading Your Audience Every Time, the world’s #1 presentation consultant shows how to connect with even the toughest, most high-level audiences–and move them to action. Jerry Weissman shows presenters of all kinds how to……. 30 million presentations will be given today. Millions will fail. Millions more will be received with yawns. A rare few will establish the most profound connection, in which presenter and audience understand each other perfectly … discover common ground … and, together, decide to act! Presenting to Win: Persuade Your Audience Every Time is about getting those “A-ha!” moments, and the extraordinary success that follows from them. Jerry Weissman shows you how to transform your presentations from dry recitals of facts into compelling stories with a laser-sharp focus on what matters most: what’s in it for the audience. LINK


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