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Plato – Benjamin Jowett Translations

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Socrates and his student Plato have both been considered Masters of the White Lodge. Socrates’ skills in argument are perhaps without equal. In his day, schools very like the NLP ones of today taught rhetoric, and he publicly challenged their members, so that time after time he could reduce their arguments to dust and make them grudgingly have to concede they were wrong.Here are various translations of Plato’s works by Benjamin Jowett – as Socrates never wrote anything directly, it is his student Plato who in a master-disciple relationship transcribed Socrates’ work.Plato/Socrates also famously speaks of the lost continent of Atlantis! 1.  Apology2. Charmides3. Cratylus4. Critias5. Crito6. Euthydemus7. Euthyphro8. Ion9. Laches10. Lysis11. Meno12. Phaedo13. Phaedrus14. Philebus15. Protagoras16. Sophist17. Statesman18. Symposium19. The Republic20. Theaetetus21. Timaeus22. Gorgias23. Eryxias (Plato imitator)24. Parmenides25. Menexenus


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