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Pickup101 – Fearless First Impressions

Fearless First Impressions (Opening)
[5 DVDs – Rips]



Thanks to everyone from the old site who made this group buy happen. The product is no longer available for sale, but we’ve got it! This is over 5 hours of material on opening given by Lance Mason / Sensei of Pickup 101.Note It seems like the DVDs cut off at the end, but actually only two seconds are missing. I ripped and re-ripped different ways, but still had the same problem. The last sentence that Lance says on each DVD is included in “FFI DVD Listing.rtf”… so you won’t get that gnawing sense of life being incomplete. Also, Please resist the urge and keep this exclusive to for the time being. We want to build the site and content like this will help a lot.More Info:


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