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Pickup101 – Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong

Everything You Know About Women Is Wrong (audio)
[ 6 DVD – Audio Rip ]



Hi All,As requested by several people, this is the audio rip of . All files have been encoded to mp3 at 128 kb/s. Please note there are a few seconds of silence at the begining of the files. There is nothing missing, it’s just where the titles were being shown on the DVDs. Enjoy “ Exclusive…if you upload it anywhere else you will get banned!” !!!Everything You Know About Women is WRONG !!!Find Out Why Everything You Know About Women is Dead Wrong! Discover the Insider Secrets of Girl-Attraction that The Government, Privileged Society, and ‘Natural’ Ladies Men Hope You Never Know.There are nights I specifically set out to fail. To test new ideas even if it meant a non-stop evening of ‘blow outs’. I kept detailed notes and would repeat a technique until I knew it was a either winner or it was as useless as air conditioning in Antarctica.That’s how I was able to ‘crack the code’, and now you can too.Here’s just a small sample of the dirty little secrets you’ll discover that society and ‘natural ladies men’ don’t want you to know:The one scenario where a woman will almost never give you a fake number, yet I can almost gaurantee you she’s not attracted to you. (And I’ll teach you how to test for this, so you can refuse her number and make her beg you to take it)Why you should NEVER have your friends introduce you to their women friends (This age old method of meeting women puts you at a huge disadvantage, I’ll tell you why)The most important criteria for where you should look to meet women (hint: it’s not where the most women are) How you can make ANY opener work, and why this is the single most important pickup skill you’ll ever developThe way most guys approach women in a club that literally makes them ‘invisible’… Even when he is talking to them. (I’ll show you a foolproof method to prevent this from EVER happening to you)There is a time when “hi my name is ____ ” is the only thing you should say (do you know when that is?)The simple 2-step ‘tweak’ to your approach that guarantees you’ll always get a woman’s attention (you’ll never be ignored again)The plain as the nose-on-your-face indicator of sexual tension that let’s you know you’re dead on target with your flirting (If you don’t see this, you’re wasting your time)The 4 commonly held misconceptions about meeting women in a ‘social circle’ (when you understand these you can easily blow out the other guys and pick the best women for yourself)Why being a good dancer is not important for meeting women in dance classes (In fact the better you dance the worse your chances are)The 7 essential steps you need to follow with a woman you met in a social setting to avoid the ‘friends’ zone and get into the ‘end zone’Why asking “where should I go to meet women” is the WRONG question. (I’ll tell you the 5 questions you should answer instead)The 5 elements of an approach you must nail to make a powerful first impression (hint: not one of them has anything to do with what you say)The evil bad ‘Proximity’ opening method, and why it’s the most common way guys creep girls out and destroy their chances with a woman (before they even open their mouth.)2 simple ways you can use your body to communicate that you’re not needy (This is an instant attraction trigger)Why the ‘one-size-fits-all’ opening line PREVENTS you from meeting women (And the simple secret borrowed from the mail order business so you can be sure to capture her interest)Do you know what makes a perfect ‘opener’? (The 4-step sequence you must go through for a Never Fail conversation starter)The ‘Break-The-Bubble’ technique you can use in ANY social setting to interrupt a conversation with no-risk of anyone getting angry (This makes it easy to be the coolest guy in the room)Why the PickUp Artist’s ‘3-Second Rule’ is BAD ADVICE for most situations (If you’ve been approaching like a machine with no success, this could be where your problem is)How to develop your ‘Intuition’ about women so that it acts like an information gathering vortex even from across a crowded room, so you will know exactly what approach will be most effective.4 easy variations that work with any approach that let you be in ‘synch’ with that woman attraction triggers (This alone can triple the phone numbers you get that don’t flake)Why attraction is much more similar for men and women that most so called experts would have you believe (and how focusing on the differences leads you down the wrong path)Even the world’s most famous PickUp Artists and Dating Guru’s have been focused on a DEFECTIVE model of how attraction works for women (You’ll learn the process in a way that allows you to anticipate her next reaction before it happens)The 2 DISTINCT phases of attraction every woman goes through (one everyone knows, and the secret one nobody every mentions)3 commonalities of attraction both Men and Women experience that you MUST understandThe Advanced tactic of Leveraging a woman’s emotions to inflame her attraction for you (I almost didn’t release this one. It’s like pouring gasoline on a raging fire)The Evolutionary Attractiion Trigger that is HARD WIRED into every woman on the planet (This is the single most powerful attraction mechanism, it’s foolproof, and you’ll learn how to make it work for you)A simple way to avoid being labeled ‘Asshole’ by women you approachBrain-Dead Simple methods to easily add Sexual Tension in your conversations with women. (If you don’t do this, your doomed to be the ‘nice guy’ forever)6 DVD – mp3 rip


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