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Pickup 101 – Playerize Your Pad Part I

Pickup 101 – Playerize Your Pad Part I
[1 DVD – Rip]



* The simple shortcut to creating an awesome bedroom that can be done in an afternoon (even if you are totally clueless about interior design)* The exact way to express ‘sexuality’ in your room that makes a woman want to know MORE (get this wrong and you will creep her out)* Powerful ways to let a woman know you are a man of discretion (She’ll WANT to be intimate with you)* 3 things you ALWAYS need to do to your bedroom before you have a woman over* Bed ‘features’ that can make intimacy more fun (For her and you!)* How to make a BOLD statement with seemingly simple items that let her know your bed is ready for a woman without her even seeing it. (This can be done for less than the cost of a 6-pack of beer)* Why setting your room up to tell a woman you have multiple girlfriends can BACKFIRE and prevent her from sleeping with you.* The biggest ‘other woman’ disasters that can occur (and how you can avoid them)* Why the first impression of your home has the same effect on a woman as wearing nice shoes (and simple things you can do that tell her you are an amazing guy!)* The single most important thing to know about your bed if you plan to have a woman stay over. (hint: it’s not the sheets or how bouncy it is)* The #1 rule of bedroom Safe Sex Supplies you must never break.* The STUPID MISTAKE most guys make when trying to get a woman to come back to ‘my place’ (and 2  never-fail methods to use instead)* Why you should have some silly kids toys in select locations in your private space (and how to use them to have a powerful BONDING experience with her)* How to pick out a bed that makes a woman want to get on (Get the right one and as soon as she sees it, she’ll IMAGINE herself on it)* The important qualities your roommate(s) MUST have to make a women feel comfortable (And how you should train them to help your game)* Why you should NEVER make out with a woman before she’s been in your bedroom* Amazingly easy (and CHEAP) methods to add your personality to your room without it looking like you still live in a college dorm.* The FOOLPROOF way to introduce a woman to your bedroom so she feels totally comfortable being there with you.* What your ROOMATES mean to a woman about you (And why this is SO important to her)* Easy decorating tricks that will blow a woman’s mind and make her think she’s won the lottery for the most AWESOME MAN EVER.* How to show a woman your home so that she thinks you are a CLASSY man (while making her feel totally secure in your private space)* Fun ‘rituals’ you can share with a woman that give her a REASON to be alone in yourroom with you (and allow her to let go of the social norms that prevent her from acting on her desires)* 4 interesting excuses you can provide a woman so she can be INTIMATE with you (and tell her friends… “it just happened”)* Why you absolutely NEVER EVER want a woman to have to take responsibility for sex. (and how to make sure she always feels that way)* Easy-to-follow examples for creating NATURAL situations that lead a woman to moreand more intimacy (without making her feel uncomfortable)* 2 reasons why you want a woman to see your bedroom within MINUTES of entering your home (and why you do NOT want her there for more than a few seconds… the FIRST time)* The HARSH REALITIES of roommates and what steps you need to take to handle this.* The often overlooked importance of LOCATION when it comes to a woman’s comfort (and ease of coming by your place)* 2 Kick Ass ways to create a total SEDUCTION environment in your room that’s guaranteed to blow a woman’s mind.


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