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Pavel Tsatsouline – Super Joints

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In Super Joints, Russian fitness expert Pavel Tsatsouline shows you exactly how to quickly achieve and maintain peak joint health—and then use it to improve every aspect of your physical performance. Discover: The twenty-eight most valuable drills for youthful joints and a stronger stretch How to save your joints and prevent or reduce arthritis The one-stop care-shop for your inner Tin Man—how to give your nervous system a tune up, your joints a lube-job and your energy a recharge What it takes to go from cruise control to full throttle: The One Thousand Moves Morning Recharge—Amosov’s “bigger bang” calisthenics complex for achieving heaven-on-earth in 25 minutes How to make your body feel better than you can remember—active flexibility for sporting prowess and fewer injuries The amazing Pink Panther technique that may add a couple of feet to your stretch the first time you do it About the Author:Pavel Tsatsouline, Master of Sports is a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor who currently trains the US Marines and S.W.A.T. teams. Pavel was nationally ranked in the Russian ethnic strength sport of kettlebell lifting and holds a Soviet Physical Culture Institute degree in physiology and coaching. He is a contributing editor to Muscle Media magazine and the author of five books including Relax into Stretch.


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