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Nick Krauser – Adventure Sex

NK – Adventure Sex
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Note – once this product is seeded it supersedes **** Exclusive ****Help us keep elib all the more special for its exclusivity.Out of respect for the original authors and publishers,please do not make this product available outside of our community.Thanks for keeping elib awesome!This exclusive material brought to you by the participants of the Nick Krauser Groupbuy: new Nick Krauser GB here: Krausers fourth and final volume in Nick’s epic story of seduction around the world. Advanced daygame and dating secrets are woven into a one-year narrative of traveling through the Former Soviet Union to pick-up and sleep with the hottest young women around.One of the reviews from Lulu:The book takes you through Nick’s best year in game. The sort of year that normal men can only dream of, banging 25 girls in what was primarily an 8 month period. The girls are hot, I know, I’ve seen some of the pictures. The book does start a little slow in places although I enjoyed hearing about how Chateau Hampstead wound down, I was a little less interested in learning Nick’s secrets to quick porridge. Heston Blumenthal he clearly isn’t. What I did really enjoy was the honesty about the bad times he has as well as the good, it wasn’t all plain sailing and that’s good for an aspiring player to hear. Especially as I was struggling a little at the time, the book gave me some encouragement to continue on the journey. I always think a good indication of a good book is how quickly you read it, I read this in less than a week and enjoyed the read. You will pick up some game pointers, though it isn’t a textbook, it’s certainly an enjoyable read.Original participants have been WLed.


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