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Neil “Style” Strauss – StyleLife Challenge Week 3 (Day 14-21)

stylelife challenge week 3
[pdfs with flvs and mp3s]



Sure it’s all publicly available, but not in a nice little neat package like this. Plus, it contains links to recommended books.FLV files are used instead of .avi b/c i didn’t want to convert them. if someone feels like doing this, awesome. otherwise, just use the VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic or FLV Player, your choiceIncluded filetypes: pdf, mp3, flv.Click on the pdfs to view the files attatched in them, as well as the days’s tasks.Here’s the blurbQuote:If you’re still a virgin, if you’ve never had a girlfriend, if you’re recovering from a nasty breakup, if you’re terminally shy, if you’re suffering through a long dry spell, or if you’re a HARD CASE, it’s time to change your lifestyle. Here is my challenge to you: Get a Date in 31 Days.I want you to succeed. In fact, I am going to hold your hand and walk you through every step along the way.  Why am I doing this? Because it’s fun, and it helps the guys who need it most.Is the whole thing a little cheesy? Sure. Is it the annihilation method? From the mini-reviews i’ve heard, it might be better. I don’t know though.if anyone wants the whole month in this version let me know, but otherwise, this is it for me.


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